Making a classic story anew with Cinderella: A Fairytale

The Jack Studio Theatre brings a fresh take to the well-known story of Cinderella: A Fairytale and Grey Swan was there to take its rehearsal and production photography.

Everyone loves a romantic tale. And they don’t come any more classic than Cinderella: A Fairytale. But award-winning, south-east London fringe venue, the Jack Studio Theatre, has brought this tale of ugly sisters, a wicked stepmother and a very plucky heroine bang up to date in this year’s in-house Christmas show and Grey Swan captured it all in the rehearsal and production images for the show.

In this modern retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale by Sally Cookson, Adam Peck and the original company who devised the show, we find Ella living out an initially happy existence in the forest with her devoted father. But when he remarries, the trouble (and fun) begins as Ella adjusts to a different sort of life with her new stepmother and step-siblings. However, there could be love around the corner for Ella when she makes friends with a bumbling bird-watcher who may be more than he seems.

Artistic Director Kate Bannister and her Offie-nominated production team at the theatre seem to have a knack for creating thrilling and imaginative shows every Christmas and this is no exception. With puppetry, song and dance routines, comedy, pathos and romance, they’ve got a success on their hands once again.

And with the cast of Charlie Bateman, Aimee Louise Bevan, Joel Black, Molly Byrne, and Bryan Pilkington bringing all the colourful Cinderella characters to life if you head on down to the Jack Studio over the holidays, you’re in for a perfect Christmas treat.