Two brave girls survive the Second World War in Lifeboat

Lifeboat tells the extraordinary true story of two brave girls in the Second War War and is the latest production at the Jack Studio Theatre for which Grey Swan took the rehearsal and production photography.

The Second World War gives us a seemingly boundless collection of true stories of courage and bravery. And none more so than the one that’s told in Lifeboat by Nicola McCartney, the latest in-house production at the award-winning Jack Studio Theatre in south-east London. Artistic Director Kate Bannister directs the show which tells of the extraordinary events of September 1940 when a ship, The City of Benares, set sail from Liverpool bound for Canada. Onboard were 90 evacuees escaping from war-torn Britain.

But the story centres on two brave schoolgirls – Bess Walder and Beth Cummings – just 15-years old, who spent a terrifying 19 hours on an upturned lifeboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when the ship was torpedoed. With Claire Bowman and Lindsey Scott playing not only the two heroines but also many other characters both on the ship and back at home, the production once again displays the Jack Studio’s skill at creating a theatre piece that’s inventively staged and brilliantly acted.

And once again, Grey Swan took both the rehearsal and production images for the show, some of which are displayed here.

“We were not in the business of giving up.”