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the movies I think you should see

Client: JSHmoviestuff
Date: 2011 to present
Services: Website Design, Blogging, Copywriting, Portfolio, SEO, Web Hosting, Website Maintenance, Social Media


JSHmoviestuff was set up to be a different kind of film blog. Frustrated by the negative reviews the owner often read, in which movies were criticised rather than recommended, they started a blog which was all about celebrating cinema.

So from reviews of the latest releases to uncovering hidden movie gems, from lauding the all-time classic films to features of key players in the industry, the blog aimed to encourage its audience to try the movies they wrote about.

Grey Swan’s aim was to design a website that would deliver:

·     A striking design

·     An eye-catching mix of text and images

·     The ability to display film trailers and other multimedia features

We collaborated with the owner of JSHmoviestuff to bring them a website which showcases film in visual and informative way. We also provide website maintenance and online support for JSHmoviestuff.

Visit the website: JSHmoviestuff