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A community interest company and social enterprise

Client: MaMoMi
Date: 2021
Services: Blogging, Copywriting, News, Portfolio, SEO, Website Design


MaMoMi is a community interest company and social enterprise set up in 2015. Its main objectives are to enhance the experiences and expand the possibilities available to the visually impaired, deaf-blind and those at risk of exclusion. They use visual culture as the platform for engagement and ask you to join their journey to engage, explore and educate.

MaMoMi asked Grey Swan to create a new web presence for them in advance of their major November 2021 exhibition.  The new site should contain a streamlining of its current content so that it is more clearly displayed for its audience. They also requested that the new site should

·      Present their projects, events and news in a clean, clear but eye-catching manner

·      Contain Alt Text on every image for its visually impaired audience

·      Be HTTPS secure and SEO-ready

We collaborated with MaMoMi’s founder to provide a new website that displayed their incredible work in an impressive way.

Visit the website: MaMoMi