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Obsolete & Discontinued

"every time I find a paper I like, they discontinue it" Paul Strand

Client: Obsolete & Discontinued
Date: 2018
Services: Portfolio, SEO, Website Design

Obsolete & Discontinued

Obsolete & Discontinued explores the diversity of analogue photography through a collection of discarded photographic materials.

The project is the brainchild of Mike Crawford, a London-based photographer and specialist photographic printer. Obsolete & Discontinued was launched in May 2016 at the Revela-T Festival of Photography in Vilassar de Dalt, Catalonia, Spain. It has subsequently been exhibited in November 2016 at Schaelpic Photokunstbar in Cologne Germany and in London in October 2018. Mike contacted Grey Swan in early 2018 to create a website presence in time for the project’s London opening.

We collaborated closely with Mike to provide an elegant website to showcase the artists’ beautiful photographic work.

Visit the website: Obsolete & Discontinued