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Sally Souraya

multidisciplinary artist

Client: Sally Souraya
Date: 2021
Services: Copywriting, Portfolio, SEO, Website Design

Sally Souraya

Sally Souraya is a Lebanese visual storyteller and performer living in London. She has a particular interest in focusing on the artistic process and how it unfolds as a work in progress and her creative practice adopts an experimental approach rooted in observations, words and movements. Her work is often inspired by and built on daily life narratives, which she captures, develops, recreates and performs into stories.

Sally had been recommended to Grey Swan and she wanted us to design a website that would showcase her multidisciplinary work in a simple but visually arresting way.

This would encompass

·      Presenting a large number of images of her work in a portfolio or gallery-style

· Make sure that the website text is clear for the viewer as it should include Arabic as well as English

·      That the new site is HTTPS secure and SEO ready

We collaborated closely with Sally over several months to provide a website that accomplished all of this in an original and striking way.

Visit the website: Sally Souraya