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women, stories, no glass ceilings

Client: she-files
Date: 2017 to 2020
Services: News, Portfolio, SEO, Website Design, Website Maintenance


she-files is a magazine and news blogging platform run by two freelance journalists: Kristin Kirsch Feldkamp, a writer who lives in Denver, Colorado and Ginanne Brownell Mitic, a London-based American journalist. They wanted to start the magazine because of a mutual love of writing and to share inspiring and thought-provoking stories about women.

Kristin and Ginanne came to us wanting a global platform able to focus on issues concerning women of all ages. Our aim was to design a website that would:

·      Provide a striking design

·      Be easy to update with new company information and articles

·      Is SEO ready

Grey Swan collaborated with Kristin and Ginanne to provide a website that displayed both their ideas and articles in a striking and distinct way.

We also provided website maintenance and online support for she-files for the first three years of its operation.

Visit the website: she-files