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Tancroft Communications

a unique leader in bespoke telecommunications

Client: Tancroft Communications
Date: 2017 to 2018
Services: Website Design, SEO, Hosting, Website Maintenance

Tancroft Communications

Tancroft Communications is a bespoke telecommunications company based in the UK. They pride themselves in adapting to a business as skillfully and swiftly as the beady-eyed chameleon they have as their logo, in order to guide their clients through the telecommunications jungle.

Tancroft required us to work closely with them to create and implement the design for a new website in 2017, which would showcase them as one of the UK’s largest telecommunication companies.

In addition, Grey Swan also assisted in the SEO implementation on the website and the setting up of their Google Analytics profile. We provided in-house training for the Tancroft staff to use the website, with the aim of them creating news blog posts on the website as well as creating social media profiles in the future.

We also provided website maintenance and support for Tancroft’s new website for the first year of its operation.