‘All the news that’s fit to print’ for The AACL’s new website

The latest website which Grey Swan has designed is for The AACL, an independent, not-for-profit media organisation getting ready to celebrate their centenary.

‘All the news that’s fit to print’ have been called the most famous seven words in U.S. journalism. But it’s the quote that comes to mind when you talk about Grey Swan’s latest website client, The AACLThe Association of American Correspondents in London. The members of this independent, not-for-profit organisation represent leading North American media companies whose staff are based in London. These include leading newspapers, news magazines, wire services, and television networks from the United States and Canada.

The history of the organisation dates back to 1919 when a British journalist and politician Sir Harry Ernest Brittain founded The AACL. Even though the reasons for the organisation’s creation have now been lost, its reporters and presidents have been at the forefront of covering the news from Britain, across Europe and the world over the last 100 years. They’ve included legendary CBS broadcaster Edward R. Murrow, an AACL president in 1944-5; Drew Middleton from The New York Times, a president in 1956-7; and AACL member Drew Miller whose coverage of the Dharasana Salt Works raid in 1930 was credited with changing world opinion against the British rule of India. And in addition to all of that – in 2019, they are celebrating their centenary.

All of which made Grey Swan very excited at the thought of working with this respected institution when we were asked to design and launch a new website for them. Being recommended by one of our current clients was very nice as well! Our brief for The AACL was to create an impressive but easy-to-navigate site for both its members and also for new journalists looking to become a part of the organisation.


In the current climate where journalists are sometimes having to fight to have their voices heard, Grey Swan has been delighted to work with such an important association who, as they state on their new website, certainly intend to carry on their pioneering work:

“The AACL, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, hopes to continue to be a force for discourse and journalist discussion throughout the 21st century.”