The Invisible Man is a must-see Christmas treat

The Jack Studio Theatre Christmas shows are always a delight and the production for 2019 is HG Wells’ classic The Invisible Man adapted by Derek Webb. Grey Swan went into rehearsals to photograph the spooky and fun goings-on.

He was there a minute ago…

“An invisible man is a man of power.”

The Invisible Man by HG Wells has become a classic horror tale. Since its publication in 1897, the hugely successful story of a scientist who creates a formula that makes him invisible has been adapted into television series and films on several occasions. So it was only a matter of time before it was adapted for the stage and playwright Derek Webb took up the challenge to write a version using just three actors to play 15 parts. Mixing the sometimes chilling science fiction elements of the story with some laugh-out-loud humour, he’s made the ideal Christmas show and one which will be another sell-out success for the award-winning, south-east London venue The Jack Studio Theatre.

The Jack’s Artistic Director Kate Bannister and her hugely accomplished production team responsible for the Offie-nominated, five-star productions of The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Kes and Cinderella: A Fairytale will be creating the spooky and fun goings-on, together with the incredibly talented cast of Shaun Chambers, Scott Oswald and Matthew Parker.


With ghostly happenings aplenty, the show’s designer Karl Swinyard will be making you believe beer pours itself, voices can appear from anywhere and not just ducks, but bricks and cabbages can fly too.

Grey Swan was delighted to be invited into rehearsals for this great-looking show and you can see some of our photographs on display here. In the meantime, there are only a handful of tickets left for the run of The Invisible Man from 11 December until 4 January 2020 and so get booking – this is a must-see Christmas treat.